Serena Pomerantz

Serena is an avid runner and beer enthusiast in Chicago. Serena’s number one job at BRS is to make sure that everyone has FUN! When she’s not organizing events or running, she enjoys being active in the local theater scene in Chicago, reading (and discussing) Harry Potter, traveling around the world, and searching for the best slice of pizza in Chicago (she’s not having much luck as she is a native New Yorker!

Fun fact about Serena: For several years, I had a standing gig to sing the National Anthem at the oldest pet cemetery in the United States.

Fav beer style: Anything belgian

Fav local brewery: Midwest Coast

Fav destination brewery: New Glarus Brewery is AWESOME because of the scenery and I loved Southern Pacific Brewing in San Francisco.

When she's not organizing BRS events, Serena is likely: Acting, singing, dancing, running, reading

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