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What does each event entail?

  • Participants arrive, check in, walk / jog / run a 5k-ish course (or other distance options as listed), get a token to enjoy a free craft beverage, and enjoy the day’s festivities.

What is included?

  • Your registration fee covers:
  • 1 craft beer / cider / beverage
  • Your choice of a Collector’s Pint Glass or Series Swag Item
  • Donation to local non-profit organizations
  • Access to all event festivities like: live music, food trucks, door prize giveaways, games and goodies from our partners and sponsors, and more! These festivities vary per event.

What’s a “Series Swag” item?

  • These items will rotate throughout the season
  • We like to mix it up so you can run with us often and you don’t keep getting the same darn thing!
  • All will be comparable in value. Examples: pint glass, FitSok running socks, BPA free waterbottle, bottle openers, running belts.. the list goes on!
  • Got enough "stuff"? Ask us about our SWAG POINTS card!

Is the T-shirt included?!?

  • T-shirts are not included but shirts are available for sale onsite for $20
  • You can choose to pre-order and save $5!
  • Ask us about logo imprints to keep track off all the breweries you visit!

I have a promo code, but I can't figure out how to use it?

  • The place to enter code is tricky to find. You should see it in the upper left corner before you go to check out.
  • Please let us know if this is not showing up for some reason and we can help complete your registration.  

What do you mean by "OPEN COURSE"?

  • "OPEN COURSE" means we do not close the roads. You are responsible for obeying all traffic laws and regulations. Please stay alert, and stay safe, stop at all intersections, and respect others along the way.

How do I know where to run? What if I get lost?

  • The course will be marked with arrow signs + we will station our amazing volunteer guides along the route to help direct you where to go!
  • Printed course maps will also be available at check in
  • We strongly encourage you to bring your smart phone so that if you do lose your way, you can contact someone to help you and / or navigate your way back to the taproom

Are dogs allowed? What about strollers?

  • Dogs and strollers are welcome on the course (with care and caution).
  • Please remember - you are running at your own risk on city sidewalks / streets / trails, which might not be suitable for your 4-legged and /or pint size running buddies.
  • You will also want to check with the brewery to make sure you can abide by their dog / underage policies. Please make the best decision possible for your crew.

What if it rains?

  • Our events are rain or shine! If conditions become unsafe to run, we will still hang out and drink beer.

What about COVID?

  • Safety is very important to us. We will be respecting all COVID-19 safety guidelines as outlined by the CDC and our local department of health, including but not limited to:
  • Mask requirements
  • Social distance guidelines
  • Reduced contact for check in and event goodies at the finish line
  • And more as it may apply to this particular location.
  • We understand these details may vary, and are always subject to change. If adjustments to these guidelines change the nature, date, timing of this event and you are no longer interested or able to attend, we will do our best to accommodate
  • Keep an eye out for additional communications from us as this event date approaches. We'll share everything you need to know, especially as it pertains to COVID-19.

What if I can no longer attend the event?

  • We are happy to make adjustments to your registratiof the event! Here are your options:
  • You can transfer your registration to any other event in our season
  • Someone else can participate in your place
  • We can process a refund, though we hope you can join us again soon!
  • To manage these requests, please contact your local event director or email Please have your registration confirmation number handy.

Ok I've registered, now what?

  • You will receive a confirmation email from our ticket partner, Eventbrite, immediately after you register
  • You will get an additional email from us the week of the event with all event details, directions and any specific information you need to know about the day’s festivities

Are they all 5Ks?

  • Mostly, yes! Any other distances are noted in the registration options
  • All courses start and end at the brewery; and it's important to note, we say "5k-ish" - we try to showcase the neighborhood, which means sometimes the course is a little bit longer, or a wee bit shorter. We do not certify the course.

Is it pretty competitive? What if I’m not a runner?

  • All levels are welcome! Walk, jog, run, crawl... Whatever goes! It’s not about how far or how fast you go… it’s just that you GO!
  • We award a Golden Growler to the first male and female to cross the finish line, which earns them a FREE growler from the participating brewery, but we always encourage them to share! ;-)

What are “post-course festivities”?

  • It all depends on the event, but often festivities include: live music, food trucks, games, goodies, door prize giveaways, and more!

Are spectators allowed?

  • Absolutely! Friends and family not want to run, but still want to get FREE beer? They can volunteer! Contact your local event director to learn more.

Who are the non-profit partners?

  • We work with a range of locaorganizations and do our best to support causes in the immediate area or in line with the mission of the brewery.
  • Check our website for updates as these partners can change per event.

How much money actually gets donated?

  • 10% of all proceeds from our full season of events as well as 100% of proceeds from select events (e.g. our annual Arbor Day 5k and Root Beer Run go directly back into the community.)
  • Our mission is to be active, have fun and give back!
  • ‍We’ve donated over $250k back to local organizations across all of our locations to date, and this year we look forward to giving even more .. And to more local organizations doing great work!!
  • This would not be possible without YOU (the participants) and great, local partnerships with the breweries and series partners.

How does my organization or business get involved?

  • Let's chat! We love to work with, and support as many fellow local businesses and organizations as we can.
  • Contact your local event director, or if you're not sure who that is, email and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

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