Keller Billstrom

About Keller: Keller has a degree in engineering from Purdue University, as well as strong passions for music, hiking/camping, and spreading joy!

Fav Way to Be Active: RUNNING!

Fav Beer Style: Whatever flavor sounds the craziest

Fav Local Brewery: Indeed Brewing Co (NE Minneapolis, MN)

Fav Destination Brewery: Most recently, Monday Night Preservation Co. in Nashville, TN

When he's not helping organize BRS events, Keller is likely: Running around the lakes or at a concert!

Keller picked up running at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and really just ran with it (pun 100% intended)! Since then he has completed 2 marathons and is running (at least) 3 more in 2023. His love for the sport has him looking for more ways to share and give back to the community!

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Keller Billstrom

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