Jim Hawarden

Jim grew up between the Jersey Shore & Dallas, TX. He discovered running through beer; mostly 5k brewery runs and loves music, beer, being active & socializing!

About Jim: My wife and I went to rival schools; I went to Texas & she went to Oklahoma. We have a HUGE annual bet where the loser of the game gets dressed up for a public happy hour.

Fav Way to Be Active: Running, Cycling, Diving

Fav Beer Style: Old Ale

Fav Local Brewery: DC Brau Brewery

Fav Destination Brewery: Jester King Brewery, Austin, TX

When he's not organizing BRS events, Jim is likely: Traveling the world with my wife...

One of my first organized runs was when I was visiting my father who worked in Pakistan for an oil company. He was a member of the Hash House Harriers, an international non-competitive running group who call themselves "A Drinking Club with a Running Problem." I ran my first race through the streets of Karachi. Quite an experience.

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