Gary Jasionowicz

About Gary: Beer, running, and biking, what else is there?!?

Fav Way to Be Active: Running and Mountain Biking

Fav Beer Style: Dark! Stouts, Porters, Browns

Fav Local Brewery: Witch's Hat

Fav Destination Brewery: Pipeworks

When he's not organizing BRS events, Gary is likely: Running, Mt. Biking, Hiking

I have always loved beer.  It took awhile to get my wife into drinking them with me.  Now she likes to plan vacations with me that are based around beer!  She came home going on and on about this fun running event in MN that I didn't get to do.  It sounded really fun, so on our next trip (to Colorado) I was going to make sure that I got to try it out!  It was so much fun we did another one IL this past fall.  I told her we should email that company and get them to start doing races here in Michigan.  i didn't think she would actually do it!  But it's been a lot of fun, and we're getting to meet new people and try different beers.  I am glad that we are doing this!

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Gary Jasionowicz

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