Gabriel Rodriguez

Brewer hobbyist, full-time beer tester, Pizza enthusiast. Gabe spends a lot of his time in front of a computer working, which is a little fun for him, but playing outside is a big need and he's no stranger to combining exercise and (then) beer. Exercise to stay healthy, beer as a reward, and the added bonus of meeting people and make friends along the way is the dream for Gabe.

Fun Fact About Gabe: I'm a homebrewer.

Fav Way to Be Active: Playing outside biking, jogging, kickboxing, or doing yoga.

Fav Beer Style: IPA

Fav Local Brewery: Penn Brewery, because that's the only place I've ever had a beer out of a jug.

Fav Destination Brewery: LauderAle Brewery in Fort Lauderdale, FL

When she's not organizing BRS events, Gabe is likely: Playing with my dog.

I have been exercising in breweries for over 5 years, almost every single Sunday. My fiancée is the Yoga teacher and at first I was there to support and help her in anything she needed but then something very special happened, a community was built and we made really good friends along the way. There's something very special about exercising and rewarding it with a cold beer, and I can only imagine BRS will be equally awesome experience and I sincerely look forward to it.

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