Catherine Jasionowicz

About Catherine: A Physics teacher that runs and drinks beer to stay sane!

Fav Way to Be Active: RUNNING!!!

Fav Beer Style: Stout

Fav Local Brewery: Brown Iron or Mills Production Facility

Fav Destination Brewery: Saugatuck Brewing Co.

When she's not organizing BRS events, Catherine is likely: Running, Teaching, Mt. Biking, Hiking, Gardening

Catherine's history with craft beer: In college, everyone was drinking beer.  The cheap stuff.  I hated beer.  Continue to hate beer, even when my husband, Gary, was drinking the "good stuff."  But I would go along and watch him enjoy his beer, even did brewery tours, but never drank the beer.  Then, one glorious day in Chicago, we were on the hunt for an elusive beer Gary wanted to try for some time: Saugatuck's Neapolitan Stout. We found it at a small restaurant.  I smelled his beer out of curiosity...this was the best beer I had smelled.  I tried a sip, and never gave the glass back to him!  He had to order a second glass just for himself!  That beer changed the trajectory of my beer life - it gave me one!  Through beer I have met so many wonderful, amazing people.  I have gone to so many place because I heard there was good beer there.  One of those places was Inbound Brewing in Minnesota.  It just so happens they were holding a 5k.  I am a runner and thought the idea was interesting.  It was so super fun!  Gary heard so much about it, he wanted to do one.  We have done them in MN, IL, and CO to date.  We want to add some of the other states to our list too.  These were so much fun that, on a whim, I emailed Morgan and said, "you should hold some here in Michigan too!"  Her reply was, "I'm glad you are interested in doing this!"  Not really what I had in mind, but it is such a fun thing, I can't deprive my fellow Michiganders of the opportunity!  And here we are! It's been so fun and I can't wait to see the next chapter of this story!

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